Latest Post: October 7th, 2017

Flying Air Canada with Bromptons

This is only the third time we’ve flown with our Bromptons. The first time was to Cuba on WestJet, the second was to Washington on Porter Air, and this time we flew to Amsterdam on Air Canada. The night before takeoff we checked in online and when asked if we were traveling with bikes, I […]

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Yesterday was the 3rd annual Brompton Urban Challenge in Toronto! The inaugural BUCTO was in 2015 (see photos here). For those who don’t know, this is a photo scavenger hunt on two wheels. Each team gets a list of challenges, and the simple rules are that you must get your teammates and most importantly the Bromptons […]

A couple weeks ago, a Brompton rep contacted Heather and asked if she wanted to talk about cycling in Toronto and riding a Brompton. Since Toronto and Bromptons are two things Heather loves very much, she said sure! Here’s the article at

2015 was the inaugural Brompton Urban Challenge in Toronto! And also the first time ever in Canada! What is a Brompton Urban Challenge, you ask? Well, I think Brompton’s official page says it best: “Akin to a two-wheeled scavenger hunt, the Brompton Urban Challenge tests the creativity and ingenuity of its participants as they explore […]

August 6th, 2016

Ottawa: Sunday Bikedays!

So Ottawa does this awesome thing every Sunday, from mid-May to Labour Day weekend in September, called “Sunday Bikedays” where select highways (or parkways as they’re called in Ottawa) are closed to motor vehicles and open to pedal-power! We were so excited to take part! Though we’ve cycled on highways in Cuba, that was a […]

After exploring Parliament Hill, we headed east on Sussex Drive (which has bike lanes!) to explore Rideau Hall and cycle down the Rideau River Eastern Pathway. I’m going to let the photos tell the story… The Rideau Falls Heather and her Brompton in front of Rideau Hall. The beginning of the Rideau River Eastern Pathway! […]

In our home city of Toronto, we never lock our Bromptons outside. They’re more expensive than regular bikes and we don’t want to tempt bike thieves. However, when we go traveling, sometimes it’s necessary to leave the Bromptons for brief periods of time while we check out a tourist attraction. For these moments, we bring a […]

June 25th, 2016

Bromptoning in Ottawa

Hello! Pier and I haven’t posted on this blog for awhile because, sadly, we haven’t travelled anywhere. We’ve both been busy and broke building new careers. But we decided it was high time for a trip, though it’d have to be cheap. So we gathered up our Aeroplan points to cover a hotel, bought Economy […]

July 15th, 2014

Flying Porter with a Bike

For our trip to Cuba, we flew with WestJet (you can read about that here). But Washington is closer, so for this trip we were able to fly Porter Air. Porter flies out of the close and convenient Toronto Island Airport. It’s awesome because we can bike to it (unlike the Pearson International Airport which is […]

We knew this ride would have its challenges. We were following Bicycling Cuba’s “Pinar del Rio region Ride 6 Day 1” but reversed. The Smith’s routes are extremely detailed, but I was a little nervous about seeing all the landmarks from the opposite direction…

STATS – Soroa to San Diego de los Banos Distance: 62 km Average Speed: 20 km/hr Time Cycling: 3 hrs Top Speed: 49 km/hr The night before leaving Soroa, we booked a room in the only hotel in San Diego de los Banos – Hotel El Mirador. I had no idea if there were casa […]

STATS – Soroa to Las Terrazas and back Distance: 56 km Average Speed: 17 km/hr Time Cycling: 3 hrs 27 mins Top Speed: 54 km/hr Left Soroa: 9:15am Back in Soroa: 5:30pm We expected this to be a light, easy cycling day. After all, it was only 17km from Soroa to Las Terrazas. Round trip […]

I had read that finding snack food in Cuba was difficult, but it wasn’t clear why. Maybe the travel guides were referring to the lack of fast food chains. That was no problem for me and Pier; we don’t eat fast food. Or maybe it was because high performance protein bars aren’t sold in Cuba. […]

STATS – Havana to Soroa Distance: 99 km Average Speed: 21 km/hr Time Cycling: 4 hrs 47 mins Top Speed: 48 km/hr Left Havana: 9:15am Arrived in Soroa: 4:00pm Before Cuba, Pier and I had never biked 100km in one day. The only long-distance cycle traveling we’d ever done was a trip through Italy, biking […]

  The Bicycling Cuba authors said not to attempt cycling in Havana unless you are comfortable riding in urban centers like New York City or Toronto. Apparently Toronto has a reputation for being a crazy city to bike in, and rightfully so. Pier and I ride in Toronto every day, and we were ready for […]

I have a confession to make: I’m a Type A personality. I plan every vacation, which includes booking accommodation before we even leave home. Except Cuba. I’d been told we could just show up in a town and find a casa particular. So before we left I did my best to throw caution to the […]

April 30th, 2013

Flight Damage

So two weeks after we came home from Cuba, I finally put the air back in my Brommie’s tires and took her out for a spin, only to discover this:  Alignment is off. Still rideable, but obviously I don’t want to be cycling with wonky handlebars. I went to the bike shop and the mechanic […]

STATS – Matanzas to Guanabo Distance: 78 km Average Speed: 21 km/hr Time Cycling: 3 hrs 47 mins Top Speed: 56 km/hr We left our casa at 9:45am armed with a general map of Cuba, but no detailed map of Matanzas. The day before, the Via Blanca dropped us in downtown Matanzas at the only […]

While the other tourists caught their buses to the resorts, we set up our bikes. It didn’t take long to unpack, pump up the tires, and repack for riding. Maybe 15 minutes. And then, as was suggested in Bicycling Cuba, we went hunting for a detailed map. Apparently, road maps are not commonly sold in […]

We’re back! No time to talk about the trip just yet, but as a follow-up to the last post, just wanted to say that our bikes are OKAY. When we arrived at the airport two weeks ago, the WestJet luggage people knew our bags contained bikes (we never asked what the tip-off was – could […]

Last weekend we did a test pack to make sure everything we needed for our Cuba trip fit in our O-Bags and rolled-up B-Bags. This weekend it’s go time – packing the Bromptons for the plane. I scoured the Internet for info about packing one’s Brompton for air travel. Most bloggers took numerous precautious – […]

March 19th, 2013

Brompton Packing Test

It’s a week before we leave for Cuba! Time to test pack our Bromptons to make sure we can fit everything we need onto our bikes. Miraculously, everything fits! Pier also set up the bike computer on my Brompton, and deflated the tires (like we’ll have to do before putting them on the plane), and […]

February 14th, 2013

Flight Booked to Cuba!

So we’re really doing this. We’re going to cycle through Cuba! Our Bromptons can’t wait. I think they’re tired of being cooped up in our apartment.

We took the Bromptons to their first event today, the Climate Change Film Festival put on by Our Horizon. We watched “Solar Taxi” about a guy who builds a solar powered car and drives it around the world, and “Spoke” which examines cycling as a viable form of transportation while addressing the infrastructure enhancements needed to improve […]

February 3rd, 2013

First Ride

Toronto had a warm spell and the snow melted. Now it’s cold again, but at least the streets are dry, so it’s time to take the Bromptons out for their first spin around Toronto! This is me and my Brompton. Yes, the Brompton is a stylish European bike and it’s probably embarrassed to be ridden […]