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April 30th, 2013

Flight Damage

So two weeks after we came home from Cuba, I finally put the air back in my Brommie’s tires and took her out for a spin, only to discover this:  Alignment is off. Still rideable, but obviously I don’t want to be cycling with wonky handlebars. I went to the bike shop and the mechanic […]

STATS – Matanzas to Guanabo Distance: 78 km Average Speed: 21 km/hr Time Cycling: 3 hrs 47 mins Top Speed: 56 km/hr We left our casa at 9:45am armed with a general map of Cuba, but no detailed map of Matanzas. The day before, the Via Blanca dropped us in downtown Matanzas at the only […]

While the other tourists caught their buses to the resorts, we set up our bikes. It didn’t take long to unpack, pump up the tires, and repack for riding. Maybe 15 minutes. And then, as was suggested in Bicycling Cuba, we went hunting for a detailed map. Apparently, road maps are not commonly sold in […]

We’re back! No time to talk about the trip just yet, but as a follow-up to the last post, just wanted to say that our bikes are OKAY. When we arrived at the airport two weeks ago, the WestJet luggage people knew our bags contained bikes (we never asked what the tip-off was – could […]

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