Local Adventures

Yesterday was the 3rd annual Brompton Urban Challenge in Toronto! The inaugural BUCTO was in 2015 (see photos here). For those who don’t know, this is a photo scavenger hunt on two wheels. Each team gets a list of challenges, and the simple rules are that you must get your teammates and most importantly the Bromptons […]

A couple weeks ago, a Brompton rep contacted Heather and asked if she wanted to talk about cycling in Toronto and riding a Brompton. Since Toronto and Bromptons are two things Heather loves very much, she said sure! Here’s the article at Brompton.com.

2015 was the inaugural Brompton Urban Challenge in Toronto! And also the first time ever in Canada! What is a Brompton Urban Challenge, you ask? Well, I think Brompton’s official page says it best: “Akin to a two-wheeled scavenger hunt, the Brompton Urban Challenge tests the creativity and ingenuity of its participants as they explore […]

We took the Bromptons to their first event today, the Climate Change Film Festival put on by Our Horizon. We watched “Solar Taxi” about a guy who builds a solar powered car and drives it around the world, and “Spoke” which examines cycling as a viable form of transportation while addressing the infrastructure enhancements needed to improve […]

January 17th, 2013

Welcome To Canada, Bromptons!

Our Bromptons are here! The ride home was short and sweet and then… it snowed. A lot. Not that we can’t ride in the snow, we do it every year, but we don’t want to get our brand spanking new bikes covered in salt and slush. That’s what our old bikes are for. So we […]

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