Latest Post: January 17th, 2013

Welcome To Canada, Bromptons!

Our Bromptons are here! The ride home was short and sweet and then… it snowed. A lot. Not that we can’t ride in the snow, we do it every year, but we don’t want to get our brand spanking new bikes covered in salt and slush. That’s what our old bikes are for. So we […]

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November 24th, 2012

Building Our Bromptons

Yesterday’s Facebook Status: “A Friday night spent deciding on Brompton bike options. I was so sure I was getting a geared up six-speed with an S-bag, but maybe I should just get a three-speed. And I want a touring pannier! But it won’t fit on the sporty S-type handlebars. I don’t want M-type handlebars! What […]