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Brompton Bike Maintenance – Rear Wheel Removal

by bromptoning

We are decent at bike maintenance, but the Brompton rear wheel is its own special beast. Though we’ve watched YouTube videos on how to change that back tire, we’d never done so and dealing with a flat on a rural road many miles — or entire countries! — from the nearest Brompton bike shop is something we dread when we travel. So when Henry offered to have a Brompton Night at bikeSauce (a volunteer-run DIY bike repair space in Toronto), we were in! 

Here’s the video about it…

Thank you so much to Henry, Brad and Arnaud of bikeSauce for teaching us all how to care for our Bromptons and being so patient with our questions. If you’re in Toronto and want to learn how maintain your own bike, go see them!

Toronto Bromptoneers at bikeSauce

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Will September 30, 2019 - 3:36 am

But have you changed the rear tire yet? That’s a whole other level of “fun” 🙂 !

bromptoning September 30, 2019 - 8:44 pm

We’ve never changed the rear tire, but we have changed the front Brompton tire, and learned that little tires are much more difficult to change than big tires! I still hope we’ll never have to do it, but at least now we’re more prepared if we do.


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