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Coldest Day of the Year Ride – Toronto 2020

by bromptoning

Every winter Cycle Toronto, a member-supported organization that works to transform our city’s cycling culture, leads a leisurely group ride through the streets of Toronto in the dead of winter. (See VIDEO at the end of this post!) This year we rode along Bloor Street West, from Runnymede Road to St. George Street. By this summer, separated bike lanes will be installed along this section of Bloor and we’re so excited! Bloor St. W is the only direct route from downtown to West Toronto and the main entrance of High Park, the city’s largest public park (398 acres), and as the street widens, traffic speeds up to a dangerous pace, so separated cycling infrastructure is much needed!

One of the purposes of the Coldest Day of the Year Ride is to demonstrate that people commute by bicycle even in the winter months. Some years the ride takes place in minus double digit temperatures with lots of snow. This year, however, it was a balmy 1 degree Celsius. Still, since this is group ride, the pace is slow and we bundled up anyway.

And now, the video!

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