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The Brompton Urban Challenge – 2017

by bromptoning

Yesterday was the 3rd annual Brompton Urban Challenge in Toronto! The inaugural BUCTO was in 2015 (see photos here). For those who don’t know, this is a photo scavenger hunt on two wheels. Each team gets a list of challenges, and the simple rules are that you must get your teammates and most importantly the Bromptons in the photos. And for the first time ever, we were the winning team! Here are our pictures:

It began with the #OctopusPortrait challenge. The irony of a car blocking half our shot was not lost on us.


This is #K9sinThe6 – How many furry friends can you make?


#Synchronicity – Let’s see how well you coordinate! Capture video of your team doing some artistic synchronization. Spin!


#Camouflage – The folding bike catches people’s attention. Sometimes it’s a bit much. Can you blend in?


#CurbsideCycle – Decorate our window! So we did… with ourselves as mannequins.


#StatueChallenge – Not the way the Internet meme did it, but uh, we’re old?


#LifeOnMaRS – cycling space!


#HtO Hydrate already! – This is the drinking fountain, right?


#HomeOnTheGrange – Ontario’s art complex has its own park, so get creative y’all!


So there you have it! A super fun day was had by all. Thanks so much to Curbside Cycle for organizing the event. You guys are the BEST!

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