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Welcome To Canada, Bromptons!

by bromptoning

Our Bromptons are here! The ride home was short and sweet and then… it snowed.

Bs arrive homeScale

A lot. Not that we can’t ride in the snow, we do it every year, but we don’t want to get our brand spanking new bikes covered in salt and slush. That’s what our old bikes are for. So we folded up the Bromptons and brought them inside to wait until the streets are snow-free.

I know what you’re thinking: “You crazy Canucks! Why did you order bikes in the middle of winter?” Two reasons. First, because we’re going on a cycling vacation to Cuba! And second, if we ordered our Bromptons in the spring like everyone else, it would take four months to get them. So we’re not crazy, we’re strategic.Bs+snowbank fisheye scale

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