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Cycling Cancun Cuidad – 4 Tips + Time-Lapse VIDEO

by bromptoning
Parque de las Palapas, Cancun Cuidad, Mexico

In the last post, we shared our experience getting from downtown Cancun to the beaches. The conclusion? Cycling out of downtown is a bit scary, but once the cycle path begins on the north side (beach side) of Blvd Kukulcan, it’s a nice ride. Thing is, we were staying in downtown Cancun and wanted to see the city by bike. If cycling around Cancun is so treacherous, how did we manage?

4 Tips for Biking Safely Around Cancun

  1. Stick to side streets where possible.
  2. On main streets, ride on the sidewalks but give pedestrians right-of-way.
  3. Cross the street mid-block, NOT near the roundabout-like intersections.
  4. Use the new (though sporadic) bike path on Av Bonampak.

Even then, there are lots of obstacles to overcome, like broken paving stones and cars parked across the few bike lanes that exist. But we managed, and for memories and your viewing pleasure, we made a time-lapse video of us cycling through Cancun’s chaos to the ferry terminal in Juarez where we caught the boat to Isla Mujeres!

Bike Route from Cancun to Isla Mujeres Ferry

And if you want to see our route on a map, here you go:

Up next, we cycle around Isla Mujeres!

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